the marriage

i have been single for almost 24 years now and i am 24 years old last July. weird or normal?  minus my age when i was a baby, toddler and primary age, it has been 14 years to be exact.

of course we all want to have someone to love apart from loving our family members but after a while i feel comfortable being just by myself. i don’t need someone to drive me here and there, i can drive on my own. i don’t need someone to listen to me because i believe i have friends for that and even my mom and dad can listen too. yes, i talk to my parents almost about everything, school, crush, problems, friends and etc.

after some time i don’t even bother if i have someone to marry or not. yes, i feel the unnecessary to marriage. i can work, i can adopt if i want kids and yeah, basically all that idea in my mind.

however, the other day, i heard a talk in a radio about marriage in Islam. how important it is according to Prophet Muhammad’s sunnah. last night, i attended a talk about hijrah where as soon as Prophet arrived from Mecca to Madina, he performed marriages between Muhajirin (from Mecca) and Ansor (Medina local). it shows that through marriage, we can learn what we don’t know and we can help to popularise Muslims.

there i know, i have done wrong to myself which i unintentionally neglected the idea of marriage. i love how beautiful wedding can be; the bouquet, the dress, the food and the cake. so i do have the intention to get married before because i don’t really against it but just i feel comfortable with just myself. but now, i have cleanse my heart.

i believe that no matter how late it is, there is someone for me. he could be everywhere looking for me too. all i need to do is pray that one day there will be a road in front of him, looking at me, knowing that i am the one that he has been looking for and i will be there waiting in a beautiful dress.


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