In couple of weeks, this 2016; marks my 25 years old ending. I have been good and I have been bad. Alhamdulillah for this life given by Allah, for a sinner like me, I received beyond that I could ever have. 
People keep on asking me, when is it going to be my turn? 

When is it going to be my turn as a bride with a groom?

Me too, curious about it. 
Repeatedly, I keep on saying to people, I don’t care. Even if I care, most of it because I feel pity to my parents; they must have been worried about me even if they look fine. 

Repeatedly, I make it a point where marriage is not my priority at the moment but I keep on thinking about it from time-to-time. 

Repeatedly, I wonder for all this time, for as I have live 25 years,is there really no one has any curiosity about me. Is it really no one has even a bit curiosity of getting me as partner. 

I have a career now, even it may not as professional as the so-called ‘professional’ careers, I like it the way it is for the time being. One thing cross off the list. 

Car, I have my parent’s. 

House, I have registered. 
“I need to be a little bit interesting on the outside”, they said. 
May I just say, I am the type who speak up my mind, maybe quite frank and obvious. 

May I just say, I am the type who know nothing about guy or love. 

May I just say, I am a little bit independent that I don’t mean to scare guy. 

I wonder how my 2017 gonna look like. I wish nothing from God except for family’s health, calm life, a better person and perhaps, I wish I could give dad, a friend and mom, a helper. 


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