Each one of us will go through these.
We go from baby to toddler.
We go from toddler to teenager.
We go from teenager to adult.
We go from single to mom or dad.
We go from student to career person.

These are some of the transitions we will go through.
I may say as a kid, I wished I can be an adult quickly. I want to have my own life. I want to own a car or a house. I want to work.
But as an adult; now I find being a kid is what every adults wish for.

We used to think secondary school was tough than primary. We used to think university life was tough than being at school. But no,it is no different actually. Either we are at school or university, we are still in the process of learning, we are still together with friends; new or old and we are still us.

Working is a different story. I, myself are yet to have a career. But in the process of this transition, I get worried, a lot. I am tough. Most of the people I know will say I am tough, fierce, easily get mad, no worries and strong. But that are not all of it. I do some thinking too. And I am the person who dearly remember good times with families and friends. I always look at my old journals and reminisce good or bad old times.

I used to get jealous when my cousin is about to get married or has girlfriend/boyfriend. Just because at that time I know that I will be left out. This kind of transition about life is eating me. I get jealous for my parents too; when mom’s friends came over and when dad (I can’t think of anything about me being jealous at my dad)

So, transition of being an adult actually killing me. I have responsibilities toward my financial status, I need to make my parents happy, I want to support them, I need a husband, and I may not be able to meet my friends. Everyone has responsibilities now. Different priorities. I know I have to strongly accept this change even though it is hard.


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