the only GDragon

it is like they are whispering to me, "mom, come back home, we are waiting for you".

i rarely use human picture for phone wallpaper. i prefer to use picture of white mountain or wide beach or greeny field for my phone. however, the above picture stays for months now.

ask me why. ask me why. ask me why. thank you for asking. it is because this picture has a soul in it. it feels like, “awwww my husband and son looks cute and adorable” whenever i turn on my phone’s screen. hahaha. crazy fan alert!

i just love seeing GD in here because he looks so fatherly and mature instead of his looks with seaweed hair and thick eyeliner or blood all over his face (is it him or Top?).  and that baby, whoever he is, does has my vibe. hahahaha. crazy woman alert!

bye, till then.
note that this picture is not mine, credit to whoever owns it, i can’t remember the owner because i get it from twitter.


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