If we all agree that each and everyone of us only has one consistent attitude, that will be a lie. The biggest lie you can tell others.

Nope, we have so many attitudes. 

Each belong to a group of people. 
Our attitude for our parents. 

Our attitude for our siblings. 

Our attitude for our families. 

Our attitude for our friends. 

Our attitude for strangers. 

Our attitude for our colleagues. 

And many more. 
I must say; those attitudes are actually living proof of how we felt about others. How secure or insecure we feel toward others. How close our relationship with them. 

“Let your daughter travels with people her age, it wouldn’t be fun neither for her or you if we say different ideas.”
*Laugh nicely, speak gracefully*
Some may say hypocrite, some may say fake. Hypocrite can happen on certain issues but not this one.  I say that for the sake of relationship, or at work; professionalism. 
We act based on situation. We act based on the result that good for us and others. 
Whatever it is, just be nice. Hypocrite happen when you start talking at people’s back.


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