A Day of 2016


Happy New Year.
How did I spent the very first day of 2016? Grocery shopping with mom. If you think it is dull, nahhh, you are wrong. Mom looks different today, she spent a lot. That’s new. Glad!

New year eve, not so much happening things happen around me. I spent by watching telly and Korean drama until 2 a.m. Just listen to the fireworks around the neighbourhood. It is not that I don’t fancy fireworks, I still amazed when I see one but I don’t run for it. Unless a guy make a surprise for me, then I’ll definitely run to him, not the fireworks. hahaha.

My 2015.
January was empty a bit. One of my roommate is done with her campus and pursued for her internship programme. Dad was admitted to hospital as he injured from motorbike accident. Alhamdulillah he is fine, even though he did say his knees feel a little strange. Hope it’ll get better soon. Months after that, we got all stressed out for our final year project. Our supervisor is good yet oh my God, her expectation and demands were just beyond our capabilities. We had some issues, unresolved till now. Sad though to finish it in an awkward way but she started it. We still managed to get B+ even though we made it to Top 10. Top 10, she simply said, it must be no other choices to be in the list. I don’t blame her 100%, unachievable expectation can hurt so much and she must be feeling so incomplete and stuff. She did help us get through this tough time, so we are sorry and thank you for everything. We had a blast 2015. Lots of thing actually. I remember it before I started to write this, and now I can’t. Short memory girl passing through..

I cried as I remembered. Two times last year, one because of a friend and one because of final year project. Mentioned it in last post titled, Friend That Go and in this post for final year project. Funny thing on 2015, okay uhmmmm, can’t remember any but I am pretty sure I had tons of it. Okay lets talk personal life.

I have no one as boyfriend until last December 2015 and still no one on the very first day of 2016. However, I just have someone in my mind, lately. A friend used to ask me, (when I talked about my crush, A), do you like him as if you want to marry him? I don’t know and I am not sure, I replied. Hahaha, yes I am not sure. But in this case, friend, I want to marry him. Yet, I don’t know how to approach him. It is complicated. I have no experience in this kind of thing. I think of him almost every second, minute and hour.

Basically that was how my 2016 ends. Thinking of him day and night. Looking at our conversation on WhatsApp last two days. Does he have no intention to ask me anything, like anything at all?


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