Best Moment vs Tragic Event

I have been meaning to write for days. I had been busy with wedding, stayed in a car for 10 hours journey. Back and forth to north and south.
Quick Update
I had fun with mom and dad, sister on our quick trip to Penang and Kedah, north of Malaysia. We visited War Museum which was found by Malaysian, it is an original place for British (then took by Japan) during World War II. This museum now officially under WWII organisation. If you ever come to Malaysia, do visit Penang for this particular historical site. It is amazing. The beauty of old engineer and architecture and it is a best place for those who are brave because they offer NIGHT VISIT!! 

 The youngsters, cousins and me as am adult, we walked inside a tunnel which was used to transfer guns and weapons. Khairina, 10 y/o, Ahmad, 16 y/o and me, we climbed a stair which I estimated to be about as high as a street lamp pole. This stair was used to bring out those weapons. It was and it is the best moment we had here at the museum. Luckily mom mentioned not to wear skirt.

All of those weapons, roads or trails and seen as props are told to be real things.

Mom had a tough time in here, though. The journey back to Malaya was full of stairs and hills. Dad was half way because he had to go to Jumuah Prayer. However, we all had so much and it was worth it, worth than visit a zoo. Duh, Malaysian Zoo. Then, we had our lunch at Nasi 7 Benua. There goes my diet in a drain. It is unique and delicious. The we decided to have a walk, just a simple exercise after ate rice. We planned to search for street art.

Cousins and aunt and uncle were tired so they decided to go back to the hotel. We headed for Georgetown in Penang. As we reached, rain drops were seen, so no street art mehh, raining maa, so we decided to go to 3D Art Made in Penang. It was fun. Dad got all excited asked me to take his pictures and mom was all excited too. It was fun. Really fun. But then….

Before we arrived at 3D Art, my phone fall onto a hard cement plus rocky structure of road. It was horrible. Since then, I have no mood at all to type or scroll or update my Instagram or anything at all. Only now, I found the courage to face my phone and be friend with it again even if it does not work properly. Sad sad sad and tragic event for me. Screen of phone is damage on the right side, which affect certain letters on the touch keypad as well as I got no smiley buttons available and if I touch upper side of my phone on the right once, it will keep on result to as if I touch it repeatedly. Luckily I use auto detection for both English and Malay.

I search ways to fix my phone, the cheaper one and so far I found RM200. Quite reasonable but when you have no budget, you just have NO budget. But I get all stress out when it keep on meddling with the screen, as if I touch it but I am not. I need my phone for work and of course mom didn’t know this. Scare to tell her. Better she didn’t know.


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