the elevator

every junior worker will be an elevator boy slash girl.

that is the fact. fact that is funny, cute but scary.
this is what happen when you being junior and you do look like one.

those who are working must know that being in the elevator can be pretty awkward especially when you know one of the people is a boss. the only thing you can do is look at your leg, elevator’s walls or maybe just stare at those tiny buttons.

it will be worse if your destination is the highest floor which you will not have your “elevator-freedom” thingy. oh, yes i do have my own “elevator-freedom” thingy. lots actually. i am just bored. and don’t ask me what i did. more awkward when out of those people, you are the only lady and not that pretty for them to smile. they all being macho and all. duhhh

as a junior worker (okay, intern), i always thought (in the elevator), ‘if i see this pakcik makcik (uncle aunty) at night market, i probably treat them as elder people with equal status as others’. here, i have to respect them upon their statuses in organization. so basically, at night market, their statuses are not referred even if we may have seen them in an elevator at the shopping mall, we won’t be affected by their existance.

this awkwardness can lead to nervous breakdown, rapid heart beating, sweat on your upper lip, under your arm and suddenly you need to go to the toilet. here are the things i do to fight this awkwardness.

1. bring your phone and pretend you are writing a very important notes. so that you won’t look like a junior.
2. if you have files with you. READ IT. so people may think that you are actually on your way to a meeting.
3. i don’t have number 3 or 4 or more.

so let us fight this awkwardness and enjoy your elevator ride.


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