the socks

i started to wear socks couple of years ago. it takes me quite some time to istiqomah (continuosly wear). for non-Muslim information, we, Muslims women are asked to cover ourselves; wear scarf, wear sock, loose cloth. but this kind of socks make you wonder, can i just not wear it though, my shoe looks like it cover my feet already. (look at the picture below)

that is not my skin

definitely not my skin, i am young and fresh.
of course, i am still wearing it. just it is annoying that at some point i have to pull it up back. so annoying. so far i have two socks like this, i should mark those so that i won’t wear it to the office. so not cool if this happen in the elevator. more awkwardness could have happen. (read my update “the elevator”)

happy feet come from a good sock. have a nice day.


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