A mind of a person should be positive isn’t? Yet, positivity about this particular person is beyond my imagination.

Who is that person?

Not a friend, not a colleague, not an acquaintance, not even talk to him but media, media is the only medium, I, we know of this person.

Whenever I listen to his word or speech or even when he mentioned obviously nice, I still being negative. I feel so dark. Negative vibe all over me and I kinda hate it.

Therefore, these days, I start and try to at least being more positive about him just because I feel tired of myself being so negative. It is sooo not good for my skin and health. Right? I just can’t to listen to him for everything he did after he takes over being a ruler. I just can’t.

I should be positive now, isn’t?

Okay mister. You did whatever you want but I believe God knows things that you hide and things I don’t know. That’s all I want to do and I should actually.

Towards positive vibe, we go!


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