The Guy Is Yet To Be Found

Talked about marriage, again. Yes, again. People are assuming that marriage can only be talked by, one who is planning a wedding, one who is married and one who was married. Especially in my culture, if you don’t have groom-to-be or we called it “calon”, you seems to have no right to speak about marriage. It seems that you are so eager to get married even though you have yet to have someone.

In term of Islamic point of view, I think this is absolutely not right. “Jodoh” or our fate on marriage is all depends on Allah permission, isn’t? So, when someone is yet to have someone or yet to get married, please don’t assume that they don’t want or no one wants them or you know, negative thought. It could be because it is still not his or her time to get married.

As in my case, yes, the guy is yet to be found. People keep on telling me that I am not looking. Keep on telling me that I have grouchy-cat face 24/7. Keep on telling me to loose my weight (that one I do want to loose my weight) and I am trying to make things right. If you are telling me my attitude is the problem, so why there are still divorce case, doesn’t that mean he or she is marrying one with negative attitude. But he or she is marrying his or her spouse, still. Isn’t?

Talk about other people’s fate seems to be a trend these days. If talk about attitude, Islamic ethic, problem in our culture, how rude younger people to the eldest, shouldn’t it be better?


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