the phone

what we do when we are alone waiting for someone? probably looking at our phones.

what we do when we are with friends who are looking at their phones? we look at our phones (too)

what we do when we arrive home after work? probably 5-10 minutes with our phones.

the idea of using social network these days are not just limited to my generation or after which 90’s above. our parents are prone to this idea too. of course, the way they are using smartphone, social network is different but they use it.

there was me on my bed, scrolled facebook for a while because my sister was in the bathroom. then my beloved and beautiful mom said, “you are big now, do i have to tell you to stop looking at your phone and go take a shower before be on your bed, you always need someone to scold you huh!”  so i stop, get up and wait for my sister to finish.

after dinner, i went back to my phone and there i saw my mom ‘whatsapping’ in family group being sweet and cute just after she told me ‘the above’. nice one mom. the reason i am telling this, we are all can’t run away from looking at our phone. yes, as a Muslim, we do stop for important things, praying, reading Quran, eating with family,  working but seriously we can’t run away from our phone. we sleep with it, eat with it, worse case scenario, our phone could be our psychiatrist.

my mistake was i didn’t close the door. problem solved.

i love you mom and deep down you always be my teacher and i owe you so much that my aim is to make you happy first with all the money that i may have in the future before i get married. trust me.


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