hug and kiss

who love being hug and kiss?

many of us find being hug can actually calm our burning heart and when we are sad, hug can actually bring out tears that we keep.

people that i have hugged are my friends (women only), my sister, cousins (women only), my mom and dad.

i still remember when my family received a call mentioned that my aunt had passed away, my mom and me, we were cried and hugged. that was the sad moment. i have many happy hug with my mom.
recently, i had a misunderstanding with my mom in a car, so the next morning when we prayed subh (morning prayer), she hugged me. usually we kissed, i kissed her hands and her chicks but she hugged me. i nearly cried though (but i’m on make up already).

my dad, we hug but depend on occasions. most of it during eid (Muslim Celebration), if i get good result, if i miss him (when i stayed at campus) and when his birthday. kiss on hands is always but on cheeks, so far just during his birthday.

nothing weird about hug and kiss people that taking care of since you were born. sometimes we are just ashamed or feel that now we are adult, i only kiss handsome guy only. nope! OUR PARENTS DESERVED TO BE HUGGED AND KISSED BY US

in cade hug and kiss our friends, of course i only did it among my girls, usually we hug because it has been a long time since we see each other. kiss, what about kiss? i don’t know. have we kiss, Imraatul? i think i just blow my kiss with hope that my friends will accept it. haha.

are you feeling terrible right now? are you feeling down and sad?
go hug and kiss someone. LEGALLY


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