the beginning

first of all
Assalamu’alaikum and hi everyone (there is someone, at least, right?),

“any name idea for my new blog?”
“for what”
“boring, haha”

that is the beginning of this blog.
some might say, “blog? so 2000”. duhhh, do I care. people are more towards video, Vine and You Tube, they have talent and confident to behave like what they behave in a video, post it, and other will watch it. I don’t have the talent to act funny and be confident about it to show to strangers.

so do I have talent in writing? N.O. I do not. and again, do I care. my english would probably a joke for those who learn literature. my writing would make journalist laugh so hard. apart from all that, I see this as my opportunity to improve and make my day less dull.

it also started when I was tweeting. Oh I love Twitter so much that 140 words seem not enough for me. I need more space so this is it. And yes, as I mention earlier, “new blog” means I have the old one. for the time being, let just make that a secret between me and Google.

till then.


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