bad hijab day

oh malaysian really loves hijab. we have so many material, pattern, style and color. if hollywood has fashionista, here we have hijabista. ohh, don’t look into your hundred pages of Oxford Dictionary cause it is not there.

and today, i have made a decision (wrong one though) to borrow my mom hijab, half moon shawl. never once i wear that or have intention to but today, i did. just because i adore the color so much which is brownish gold and it matches my baju kurung (traditional woman cloth for malay).

usually, i would have try it at night, to see whether it is okay or not or at least i can think of how to actually wear it nicely. but nope, i just watched sherlock and went to sleep. this morning, i nearly cried because the back of my hijab, the half moon one, looked awfully terrible. it still does look terrible now even i have corrected it like five times.

i am not going anywhere today. i am going to sit at my place until five p.m. yes, i will. i just to have to control bladder, that’s all. my confident level drops by 60% and that is just too much.

the point is for someone as dull as me, who loves the same style every single day, DO NOT TRY TO CHANGE AT THE LAST MINUTE, you’ll regret it.


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