the name

naming is hard. there are so many option yet so limited in terms of availability. i have some in my mind that quite similar to existing blog. owned by famous person (in Malaysia) not that political or celebrity famous but yeah, noticeable person. cross that out of my list.

i want it to be a character, my character. though it is embarrassing to admit, i am a bit clumsy. at home, at school, with my friends and siblings. i love to voice out anything that seems childish and ayah (Malay word for dad) get annoyed with my silly question(s). so these people think i am far from maturity. i love to giggle and make stupid jokes and this usually happen just in my circle.

i am a woman when i am with strangers or at work (currently doing my internship). my friend says, i sound so serious that i might not get a man at all in my life. ibu (Malay word for mom) thought so too. she said, “your face looks so serious all the time that man afraid of you”. ahhhh, oh should i be laughing right now while walking on the street mom? 

so basically i am childish with people that know me so well that they know how i sleep and i am a woman who walk gracefully (apparently to short to look feminine) and ta-daaa achildishwoman is made.

so far i don’t really have a theme for my writing and i don’t fancy the idea of focusing on one theme only.

till then.


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