Ordered My Dream Shoe

As you can see from my super obvious and straight to the point title, I just ordered my dream shoe.


Happy me, Happy me.
Frankly speaking, we, women must have our dream shoe. Isn’t?

Agree? High 5!

So what kind of shoe did I just ordered? Any guesses? Is it heel with peep toe and ribbon? Is it flat shoe with flower? Is it pump shoe crazily hard to walk with? Is it a wedding heel with gorgeous laces patch?

Nope. Actually, I don’t quite sure what kind of shoe did I just ordered. Hahaha. For all I know I have been keeping the picture for months and I have been trying to have it since then.

All of this usual problem of financial constraint and prioritise things that need to be prioritise, I hold my dream to be just a dream. Sounds serious enough huh? It is just a shoe. Drama alert!

Alhamdulillah, Thank God, after deep thinking, discussion with my dad, looking at bank account, I said to myself, instead of this money be gone in my stomach (food consumption), I should really just buy something. *angel laugh*

Okay about my “discussion with my dad” above, it is true okay. I did ask him, is it okay for me to buy a shoe, pleaseeee, I want one. He said it is up to you.

In 3 to 4 days, I will receive my package and I hope it is into my like. Wait for the update!


the ballerina shoe


me: heyy, cute shoeeeeeee. where did you bought it?
D: at Jaya Jusco. it was cheap. i bought it for RM30 after discount.
me: seriousllyyy??
D: yep. you should go
me: haa, i have to wait for my allowance then.

this was the conversation between me and D. oh and by the way, D is a she. obviously, we talked about shoe for God sake. women are so unpredictable. i sat just one sit next to her and yes, we talked and laughed but i only talked about her cute shoe when we were walked on staircase.

women can talk about anything while we are doing other things. we can talk about shoes while walking, about clothes while cooking, and yes, our topics will change after certain period and usually it will end with a topic on marriage or wedding. ohh, i should write something the wedding version two. i can be very imaginative about the wedding details. enough that.

women loves shopping so much that they do not even bother what happen to their men when in an shopping centre with sales going on. in my case, whenever we wanted to buy adik’s clothes, ayah made the decision upon our first option because he knew and always know we, women can never make a decision unless we have more than 10 choices.

as a woman, apologies to men out there. we are certainly can not control this wild obsession of shopping. thank you for all the money given too, without that, we may not be couple. hahaha. i am joking, we do love men more than their money.

till then.
thanks to D for this picture.