the laugh

whenever i saw something funny posted by 9gag or any funny video of animal, i remember her face and her laugh.

whenever i saw any quotes from harry potter or lord of the rings or the hobbit, it reminds of her. i know i can share all those things with her because those are her interest too but hobbit wins. i love harry potter.

we all thought, we would be able to have our intern here in KL together but her health condition does not allow her to but Alhamdulillah she is great now, she can even rode those thing with balloon fly by a boat.

when we first met, we were like, hi and hi back. just smile and walk but then oh damn she is funny and loves movie too. she loves to laugh (we all laugh because of her laugh) but sometimes she become quite and she said she just does not feel like talking.

for my far but close to heart friend, this post is for you. stay healthy and be safe.