Harry Potter Book 5


Why this scene was not included in Harry Potter and The Order of Phoenix movie?


This scene was sooo, how can I say it, so Ron. It suits Ron’s character.

Yet, our love to Harry Potter does not decrease even a bit. Anyone here bought Harry Potter and The Cursed Child play?
I just calculated rough estimation of flight ticket to go to London for this play. Speechless, there is no way I can get RM4k, if I couldn’t secure a place at any offices. Should try and focus to get one and keep as much as possible, then I may have the chance to acquire such amount of money.

Continue reading, fun and good.


stay please

i have been busy and tired. finally, real working-life experience. usually i get bored with nothing to do on my work station.

but yeah, i have been busy. went to several floors frequently, involved in user testing, prepared documentation, updated master report. as my days were so packed with things, at home i just wanted to lay on my bed, watched Sherlock or read Harry Potter.

yes, finally i have the entire collection of Harry Potter books. e-books to be exact. for Potterhead out there, i am so sorry if my act owning e-books of Harry Potter is a shame but i got it somehow after several Googling activities, and so far the web page does not look illegal. so i thought, it is fine. do not worry that i will not advertise e-books that i have as it will always be my personal collection. sorry again.

i have lots of fun time mesmerising the very first emotion i had when i first read Harry Potter. i finished the first book just in one day and now i am on the second book. laughed and smiled all day whenever i encountered Ron’s dialogue.

so i am planning to write my review about the first book of Harry Potter, old issue right but it could be interesting for generation z. wish me luck on that.

potterhead forever!

the laugh

whenever i saw something funny posted by 9gag or any funny video of animal, i remember her face and her laugh.

whenever i saw any quotes from harry potter or lord of the rings or the hobbit, it reminds of her. i know i can share all those things with her because those are her interest too but hobbit wins. i love harry potter.

we all thought, we would be able to have our intern here in KL together but her health condition does not allow her to but Alhamdulillah she is great now, she can even rode those thing with balloon fly by a boat.

when we first met, we were like, hi and hi back. just smile and walk but then oh damn she is funny and loves movie too. she loves to laugh (we all laugh because of her laugh) but sometimes she become quite and she said she just does not feel like talking.

for my far but close to heart friend, this post is for you. stay healthy and be safe.

the books.



yessssssss, finally some books to be read!!!

first, i don’t really like reading novels about love and romance.

However, ifound that reading is so fun and I can live in my imagination.. uuuuuu sweettt!! so, I fall in love with malay romance novels.
how sweet is that? and I was 13 years old by that time. I stopped reading Malay novels when I was 16 years old just because I started to read Harry Potter in English. Who doesn’t love Harry Potter? Get out from here!

No don’t go, i have not many readers. please.

continue… then i stopped reading, I don’t know why but i just stopped. then, one year ago, i read my first book after years not reading and the book is twitter diaries. haha. not that much of a novel there but yes, i start to read again. then i met this amazing writer, john green. his the fault in our stars is superb and yes, i did watch movie than i read.

after that i bought more john green’s except paper towns. stupid me. i still don’t have, out of stock, they said. hurghhh. next is wonder by r. j. palacio. today, i bought those books as shown in picture. can not wait to start.

go read something, it is fun!

the English

oh my God, my heart falls, my pupil grow big, round and i can’t say anything. the only thing i can do is smile pleasantly.


hahaha. funny huh, nope? you love it too? great, no, brilliant. whenever i hear an english man or woman (usually man) talks, i feel somehow my problems are gone, my mission and vision is achieved and i feel happy. that happen when i saw them talk in television. what happen if i met and saw them talking in front of me?

1. i could probably just smiling
2. i could be sweating and shaking
3. i could be asking them to repeat because some words are just so amazing to hear but hard to understand.
4. just ignore number 4 and smile, and nod as if i understand every words.

i learn the existence of english accent from harry potter, of course. then i started to imitate and i sound funny. even my roomate who came back from london laughed at me. by the way i love imitate Rupert Grint or Ronald Weasley in harry potter. he sounds so british.

so, who else love to hear english accent?