Acne: Never Ending Drama

Acne problem is like never ending drama right? Yet, I still think this is because of my cleanliness of sponge used and brush. I rarely took care of sponge as well as my blusher brush is like there all the time in make up bag, ready to use. So, today I am going take it all and wash it all clean. I promise, I promise. However, I still something to cover my acne marks as well as toner (the one I used is quite expensive and nearly empty).


I have read about OXY acne mark cream from a .net blog but I don’t remember what does it call. Oh yeah, it calls, I guess. Just street love, you may found it. It says that this OXY acne mark cream is good and since I have been using OXY face wash (most of the type available), I love OXY. I feel much cleaner and fresh as well as it doesn’t dry out my skin. Before this I have been using Safi, since my mom used it, it works on my mom but not to me. My face became so dry that sometimes my skin peels off. So, yeah not for me. As for this toner, I have yet to try it, but since I think that OXY has been a very good product to me, so why not give this toner a chance. Currently, I am using Neutrogena. I love it, it works nice on skin but I am kind of tight on budget so I should product that much cheaper. Should I do a review on these both? I am no expert but yeah, what the heck? I will update on how I feel of these both.

Surprise Gift

I have been planning to buy thing like this for mom and today I bought it!

Wow, so much shopping for the past two days huh, Izzati?
Well, why not?

I just purchased 3 hour massage package for my mom at only RM38. Normal price is supposed to be hundreds. I googled for Groupon packages and I found this one. Just near my home and 3 hour package. Includes foot reflexology. Why not?

What do you think about mom’s reaction? We have to wait for that one because, funny story it is, this gift is for her birthday next year on February, 1st. Hahahahaha. Too early huh? Good things can’t wait.


flawless skin

I am a Malaysian, a Muslim. My dad is a Malaysian Javanese and my mom is a Minang. So there is no way my skin was white. No way. I have a bit brown coloured skin with a little bit reddish on the chick and forehead (sometime). Even though I don’t have white skin color, I love myself and I just want to make sure my skin is okay with no acne or at least not much of acnes.

However, people in my country (I am not sure other country) is currently obsessed of being white, white and white. Everyone are prepared to spend hundreds of Ringgit to have white skin color.


I do not understand this. Yes, I did say to my friend, if you are chubby but white, people don’t care about how chubby you are because at the very least, you have a common and likeable skin color (as I say situation at my place) which is white.

I do wear several skin products, just to make sure my skin is healthy and clean from dust or bacteria from outside. But my focus was not to have white skin color. I am proud of my skin. I am amazed that most people who have dark skin color from other country look amazingly beautiful and they love themselves.

For example, Tyra Banks (I love her). As I also reckon some of my university mate who are from Nigeria, Ghana, they have amazingly beautiful skin. You must know that Barbie who has dark skin color right? Yes for me, they are like that. Beautiful in their own way.

The most important thing is skin care. If you know how to cherish your skin, even if your skin are like mine, not that white, you can still look amazing. You also need to stop buying foundation that is not your skin color. As I always saw, some people who are obsessed being white, they tend to use foundation or powder that is not their color. It looks weird. I am not pretty myself but believe me, who else going to appreciate yourself just as yourself if its not you, yourself. Get it?

One thing that afraid me is when this obsession of being white is taken over the media, newspaper, telly and internet, kids who are still learning will learn the wrong thing. My sister, has being bullied by her friend about her skin color and what else could be happening in the future if everyone only sees beauty is equal to white skin.

Believe in yourself, trust yourself and bring out your confident by appreciating yourself.

Cameron Highlands


impromptu holiday.
this was few weeks back. i want to write it but i keep on,¬† “later on, later on”.

my family and i was invited to go to a wedding at Ipoh, Perak, Malaysia. ibu said, “why don’t we all go to cameron highlands, since it is not that far from here.” me and my sister were screamed like crazyyy. we had been waited for holiday since our last vacation to Terengganu.

the journey was merciless and scary. i couldn’t sleep, my sister kept on checked whether my father was driving or sleep-driving. i should have took a video of her.
just before we arrived Tanah Rata, Brinchang, which is the main spot, we stopped at lavender garden but since it was already 6 p.m, we couldn’t enter except my dad. ask me why, ask me why.
he needed to go to the toilet. hehehe. lucky him got to take sneak peak of the garden. it was beautiful, amazing, i-feel-like-i-am-in-a-disney-film kind of view.


at first we were planned to have a one day trip but since we arrived at the destination at almost 7, we decided to stay a night. we thought there were supposed less human since school holiday almost over but no, we thought poorly. as we were headed to hotel location (where we didn’t even know about its availability), we were¬† stuck in traffic. for almost an hour. in the middle of nowhere. in the jungle. scary huh.

Alhamdulillah, after all the screamed, laughed and cried, we arrived to not-sure-if-there-was-a-room-available hotel. my mom and i entered and went straight to the lobby. thank God, they have a room which at the hotel next door. as long as we slept in a room and not car park, we were happy as bunny.

the hotel room was so cold but i loved it. i love to be in a cold room even if i need to fold myself in three layers of blankets but i don’t mind and don’t you dare increase the temperature. weird thing is, the hotel was not provided with air conditioner. not even heater, hahaha. but it was not as cold as below 0 degrees, my phone stated the temperature was only 18 degrees, just 18 so be cool and relax. my sister was screamed whenever she needed to go to the toilet.

at night, we went to night market which was different than usual night market. you can get fresh flowers, fresh strawberries, fresh vegetables, unique food and everything healthy. yes, live in cameron highland will make you feel so healthy.


the next morning, we had a very normal breakfast as we were normal and still normal till today. then we headed to our room to check out and continued our journey. first we stopped by another strawberries farm after yesterday’s non stop purchased session, we just had to buy some more for friends and relatives.


then we headed to tea farm as you can see from the first picture. first we visited the store that sell tea and beautiful teapot. i had no money. why did i had no money. it was so beautiful, i want one!!


enough with me and teapot, i will get you one day. wait for me! we went down to the land of tea. as a fan of tea, my dad was planned to take some of leaves home but we managed to get one whole tree. hahahaha. no i am just joking, please inspector, don’t arrest my dad. of course if you want to taste it, you need to buy or have a sip of tea at the cafe provided. my family and i love tea so much but we are not a fan of flavoured tea. so we just bought one and until today, we didn’t have a taste yet. it was scary to go down the hill, i wonder how the tea farmers work there, it was dangerous and slippery. appreciate your tea and don’t you dare throw away the tea leaves, drink with it.


the journey back to Kuala Lumpur was even scarier than the road we used to come. if there was a bus on the other, we will be honked and we (I) shocked and we needed to give some space for the bus to pass through the road. even when the road was all scary and dangerous, i don’t understand why the bus driver needed to drive like crazy too.

we stopped by at this amazing waterfall. you can have a quick bath here, if you want to.


that is all about my holiday. i was fun to have a rest from work, and city air. most important is i get to spend quality time with people i care.

the books.



yessssssss, finally some books to be read!!!

first, i don’t really like reading novels about love and romance.

However, ifound that reading is so fun and I can live in my imagination.. uuuuuu sweettt!! so, I fall in love with malay romance novels.
how sweet is that? and I was 13 years old by that time. I stopped reading Malay novels when I was 16 years old just because I started to read Harry Potter in English. Who doesn’t love Harry Potter? Get out from here!

No don’t go, i have not many readers. please.

continue… then i stopped reading, I don’t know why but i just stopped. then, one year ago, i read my first book after years not reading and the book is twitter diaries. haha. not that much of a novel there but yes, i start to read again. then i met this amazing writer, john green. his the fault in our stars is superb and yes, i did watch movie than i read.

after that i bought more john green’s except paper towns. stupid me. i still don’t have, out of stock, they said. hurghhh. next is wonder by r. j. palacio. today, i bought those books as shown in picture. can not wait to start.

go read something, it is fun!

the eyes

eye consists of pupil, nerve and bla bla bla. want to know more, ask medical student or Google. I know, I sound ignorant yada yada, okay i’ll google after this.

you can see things. duhhh, everyone knows that. you can make assumption through what you see. sounds genius, right? yet, first assumption does not allow you to make a conclusion. i sound amazingly genius, huh? through eyes, you can see much better picture than the highest megapixel phone can ever have. islamic notion here, of course our eyes is created by our mighty God, Allah. Alhamdulillah, i am able to use my eyes,  and those who are unfortunate, you are wrong, you are not unfortunate, actually, you know more than those who can see. you have your heart.

yet, that is not the reason of my post here. talking about how it is beneficial to us, so on and so forth. i want to talk about my failure managing my own eyes. scary? sound a bit psycho?

have you ever been so sleepy that even your hands, fingers are still writing or typing on a keyboard, your eyes just shut? seriously. have you? i do and i did. this is one of the most terrible things that can happen to me especially at office. it happen this morning.

i was in the middle of typing and suddenly my eyes just shut, but somehow, i feel my fingers are dancing on the keyboard. but i just let it be, cause i was so sleepy back then. unfortunately, a mister who is sitting in front of me came and i was then moved my hands faster and made a very serious face with big eyes and sit properly and ignore what just happen.

very very very terrible things to happen.

by the way, do you know how i cure my sleepy eyes? and yes after i istighfar, i opened Bones Episode 3 Season 7 on my phone and started to continue my task. it works. i didn’t watch it, i just listen. songs does not really been helpful lately. sad.

the chair


i prefer to do my assignments on a table with a chair. by the way, not the kind of chair above. nooo, that one just look pretty,vintage something like that.

i found myself more focus and suprisingly quite when i do my work. i also have this serious face when i am too focus in my work. my friends, who know me, say that i look mad when i am serious, in my work.

i just started my internship and this too-focus-too-serious face makes me worry. i am worry that my colleagues would think that i am in a bad mood or mad at work or any other misconception that they might think.

being an intern, you can not be 100% about yourself or you will not be able to get an offer, people will dislike you, so on and so forth. i just got my real task, so i have been busy because i have to submit it on Tuesday next week.

i thought sitting on the chair would be fine because i have done that before during my study but nope, it is not fine at all. my back, oh my God, it pains my back, my shoulders, my join, everything. i feel old already. my shoulder, i can’t even set it straight while in the bus.

working is not fun. if you are currently in university, studying, keep on study. study until you are old. the stress of working is on the new level. you are afraid all the time. study is fun. keep on.