A Clear Hint, perhaps?

So so so so so so. My love life. hahahha. No lahh, I have no one yet. So, I have been hitting on a guy. Lol, that sounds so not right and yaikks. But yeah, I am. Things I have done are ermmm I just texted work stuff and smiled and laughed at his jokes and yeah basically nothing. Nothing. But hey, I did update my WhatsApp status the abbreviation of his name, in Hangul, he should be like curious and look at it. But then yesterday, I had my internship presentation, he did look through window of meeting room and did good luck body language to me. That make me smile for days. Hahahaha. Sad things happen in between my moment of happiness. I overheard his colleagues teased him to get married with his colleague, hellooo, I am here okay, waiting for you. Hishh. That woman name is Shahirah, huh huh huh, Shahirah. Then, a close friend of mine, we work as a team and she is nice, she told me, she likes him too. What should I do? I am not saying that I have any future progress with him but we did text and he did say something sweet or funny to me which may be I am just get ahead of myself but yeah, its something, isn’t.. As for today, I bought a slice of cake for him, as my internship will end on Monday and he is nice,  he bought me (or us) pizza and he gave me Arabian Rice, so yeah to say thanks and to give a hint that I like you lah man. He replied short and sweet. So, now I am thinking to confess, or at least go for personal question.  Haaaaa, but about my friend here, should I told her that we both have feelings for the same guy. Should I…


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