Positivity 2: Facebook Status

Have you ever type on things you are mad of or things that actually meant for someone on Facebook status or Twitter yet you turn your back, delete and cancel your status?

I did, couple of times already. There a lot of things that I wish I can directly post it as my status, especially when I’m mad at someone or when I think it is good for others but I cancel it. Most of the time, it is mainly because of how I care so much about my relationship with people who might read it and think that the status is for them.


There is also moment where I was so mad that I needed the world to know (childish), I wrote it all on Facebook status, draft and then I deleted it. I didn’t post it.

At that time, I realise what I need was not to post it to Facebook but to let it go, to speak up, let all the burning mad feeling out of my chest. I felt weirdly calm after I am done and then my sense came in. I thought, “I should have not post this”.

All we need is being positive on the inside and the outside. Okay, I’ll probably will write when I am mad but not on Facebook but here. Out of the things that I may be mad about, there is tiny lesson that we can learn from, isn’t?


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