Positivity 1: Free Food

Still remember my post on positivity? What, no one reads it. Okay then, please proceed here

Yesterday, I made a mistake where I generated wrong reports so today I had to regenerate it back. Number of reports not that much and it doesn’t cause that much of tension. Generating reports is easy and you know, admin work.

Then, I was told that I need to take a project which I used to it but I am not in the mood of it. Okay, that definitely emotional distress and self-construct mistake.

However, today at lunch, a colleague bought me lunch. Food is always a good remedy. It s beautiful to see how God’s work. I was be given hard times which is always came from our own emotion but then God sent me happiness through a colleague.

Whatever religion you hold, whatever believes you follow, always remember to look for happy things around you. As for me, someone bought me lunch. It could be anything. It could be that today you saw mom playing with her kids at park, it could be how easy for you to get your bus or train back home. Even the tiniest thing could bring a smile to you.


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