Remember this guy? I am giving up on him.


I have been thinking. Guy, it is known that they fall easily to women who are pretty but when they are serious for a woman, they’ll try to get that woman. I found a post on this on my Facebook. Therefore, by analyzing from his behavior, there is no way he has interest in me. So, not to make it worst, I have decided to stop.

It is easy this way, isn’t?

Internship will be over in several weeks and God knows when will I meet him again. Over and over, I kept thinking on why gave me that Arab rice. Okay fine, it is just rice but okay I should stop be over the top and think right. He is just being nice, that’s all.

You know what is the best thing to do when we face problem like this, focus yourself on career development. Yeah, that’s it. I should build myself a good career, set a goal to own a house or car and travel a lot and bring myself closer to His path, my creator.

Credit as in picture


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