Dejavu. Dejavu. Dejavu. I feel empty. It happen again. Again and again. How does it feel when someone you like go for your friend. I don’t blame my friend. I don’t even hate my friend. I just wonder why does it always happen this way. I had a crush who is also my friend, lie to me something that is obvious and seems to have more interest to my friend. All this social networking accounts are making me crazy. I should not open his profile ever. Like, if there is no update from him at my news feed, why the hell did I have to go and looked at his profile. Now, I am seeing all new friends added and it is making me go crazy. Oh yes, I am. Okay no. Basically, I am giving up. Yes, this is it. I am giving up. I will not put my heart to anyone after this, I will fall for anyone,and I will not even try. Damn, this tears. It is obvious isn’t. Dahi licin always win. Petite always win.


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