Working Late

I used to assume myself as a workaholic. Even though I might be lazy for certain things but yes, when it comes to things or works or tasks that I favor, working late at night is nothing to me. It is stressful, indeed, when your code is not working as it should but the passion is there.

I started to study late at night when I was Form 3 (15 years old). We had PMR (its an examination for high school before we specifically choose our interest) and I love Mathematics and for me, math is something you should do at night. Evening is not that suitable for Maths because your eyes are tired and you need to relax.

In kulliyyah (IIUM), most of my assignments were a last minute work which I did at night. I still remember that I stay up for about 1 and a half day for my final year project (I guess). Of course with a little nap time, I am sane enough to graduate. Alhamdulillah (one more month left for internship). I find it is okay to stay late night and focus on your whatever assignment. I mostly think it is because of the environment. Roommates were there but they were also in their personal space and focus on whatever they did. We still had our pillow talk, late night discussion but all in all, it is fine (tired but fine). Don’t make me start on how we cover our sleep on the daylight cause you don’t want to know. (shhhhhh) Yes, I think it is because of the environment, age perhaps (we were young). Kulliyyah (IIUM), mahallah is the place where we sleep, revise and learn so the passion to work late at night is not that burdensome.


The situation when you start working in a company is different. Working late is okay until you get back home and see everyone in your house is sleeping soundly. You are all alone. Last night, I arrived home at 11 and I saw my cat was sleeping, my ibu and ayah (right after picked me up) were sleeping and my sister was sleeping. The loneliness of working late, I clearly see it now. It is no fun in all this working late at night at office. I am left to iron my sisters’ school uniform, luckily I had iron dad’s cloth. Watched Running Man just to keep me sane (I need to laugh, you know). All this negative vibe of tiredness and eye bag need to be solved.

So, is working late still fine to me??


Yes, because doing things we like is one thing that we can say we enjoy doing it.

No, because the loneliness when you arrived home. Just imagine if let say you are busy like hell and every single days (working days), you reach your home at 11. Meaning, you will be meeting your family on weekend. Yet, there are still some people are require to work on weekends. This is insane!!

Ini semua duniawi.

Out of topic sekejap.

**If you like someone, just say it. Who knows if he or she likes you too** Easy said that do.

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