Best Dream Ever

Urghhh, I am not sure if I should or shouldn’t write about this. Please, it is not 18sg or something, it is just too sweet. So sweet that I actually hoping that it can be true, one day. Remember a guy that I wrote in A Day of 2016,yeah yeah that one. Recently, we had couple of meetings at work and you know my new friends are so funny that the crazy me came out just like that. We laughed, he laughed and he teased me and he quoted my Facebook status every time. As a woman, an innocent like me, it is hard to think that those are nothing. Ok, somehow I do feel there is some interest going on with us. You know. So, yesterday, we laughed and he laughed too, he also talked some sense to me about me stay late at work. He said, I shouldn’t since I am just an intern. So on and so forth. Therefore, I feel a spark somewhere in me which it may not be special but it is something. Then came the night. I fall a sleep and I had this wonderful dream. The dream is like this.

I don’t know how it started but all I know he was sending me home. I told him that he don’t have to stop by, just drop and go. Then he suddenly get inside my house and greet my dad as if you know he is the one. He call my dad, dad. He call my dad, dad.

I know it is not really clear there but I hope those are true. I don’t know his attitude, I don’t even know if he is nice. But I do know, he kind of off-bit in whatsapp. He sounds serious and straight forward. I pray to God, please if he is the one, let it be easy and if he is the right, let it be true. If he already someone else, please show me the sign so that I can control this feeling.


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