Good Team

Past two days, I have been working till late at night, around 9 to 10 pm. Yes, it is kind of stressful to work extra hours. Working extra hours is way different from stay up late at night to finish your assignment during campus life. Way, way different.
First of all, to finish your assignment, you can be free about yourself. You can be on your bed, you can be in your pyjama, you can listen to music out loud, you can sing out loud (did that whenever I can’t understand what I did), you can even eat and type, you can watch movie while type and you can take a nap. But working, working is complicated. Especially when you have to do it at office. Tell me if at your company have a place for me to lay down and do my work because I would like to try. Seriously.
Since I am just doing my internship, I can’t remote my pc at home. God, so heaven if I can do that. I consider myself as love-to-work, I can stand working at night if I put my mind on things I do. You should see me work late at night. The feeling when you stay late and able to accomplish things, I find it fun.


Good teammates play an important role if you love working late. So far, since I have involved myself in testing field, my teammates are actually one of the reason I am okay with staying late. Even though we are not provided with full table of feast (I mean pizza, because in drama work late equals to yummy food provided), we make fun of things, we laugh, we talk about anything that should and shouldn’t, we just be free since less people left at office, kan, so freedom la. Thank God for giving such a great team, colleagues, so that stressful work doesn’t seem so stressful.


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