Web Developer vs Software Tester

Gahhhhh, this is so stressful. Okay, first of all, to become a web developer has always been in my dictionary. I love CSS and HTML5, as well as I started to fall in love with Bootstrap. You know doing fancy things, which color, combine this and that, create header, menu drop down, all of that are actually kinda fun. Only if, you write a clean code. Bugs free. Yet, even though, error occurred, it is kinda crazy-fun-stressful things to do. I do want to try in web developing yet it is quite scary, you know, when it comes to real life challenge and market. Competition here and there. But FUN, I tell you. Like crazy fun. Just bloody fun. ohhh and I fancy sql too. The code is straight forward even though still struggling about join and combining data but it is one of my favorite subjects.

Last August, I took a course of software testing. I learnt Application LifeCycle, Unified Functional Testing, and one more, what is it huh, ermmm what does it call, really I didn’t pass the test yet I understand the practical of it, not much but basic understanding. Currently, in my internship programme, I assist software testing team. At first, it was actually fun, easy, much better than hardcore coding sesh, but but but but, the stress is there. Dateline, time constraint, limited resources and lack of experience (my fault) lead to dilemma whether should or should not I continue this path. However, as I learnt in Project Management in IT, all these things are common in IT however there are some ways to deal with it which I think require additional cost to some budget. Cheeehhh, sounds legit huh, looking clever. Yet, it is still fun since it is code free. Who doesn’t love that huh.

Couldn’t find a decent picture of my fyp, this maybe the simplest code compare to super amazing web, but this is my baby

Therefore, I now in dilemma. Yes, as a fresh graduate, I should not being picky about this kind of things yet dream and ambition of a person should be taken into account and consideration. This is me being 25 years old.   *flip hijab*. Thinking about this mature kind of thing. Okay, I’ll try apply for any available position, study hard for interview and pray from Allah to give which is the best for me, right.



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