This Day

Exactly today, a baby was born at Hospital Besar Kuala Lumpur. I don’t know which bed, which doctor, what time and any details at all. December 18th, 1991 marked the day where a friend of mine was born. I was somewhere in my home, probably in mom’s hand or snuggle in my crib. 19 years later, we met.

She was rushed to check-in to our mahallah (university’s room) as I looked at her, tried to say hello and make friends. Instead, she just went out from the office. I said to myself, “Okay fine”. You know exactly how fate works, we can’t predict and we can’t run away, if its suppose to happen. She was my roommate. We stayed together for 4 years and half, I wish for more.

I have two besties, S and IM which they always be with me in my bad and good. They took care of me when I was out of sense. I love them both equally.

There are a lot of things, bad and good, happen to us. We fought like sisters. She was the one who actually went home when we fought. Years later, I followed her step, went home just because we fought.

I rarely fight with my other roommate, it could be because she simple minded like that, just cool or just don’t bother if I sucked up. Still love her though, S.

On our final year, me and IM cried together as something unpleasant happen in our small group of friends. I don’t want to talk about this. Just not today, because today is a happy day. I was stubborn, and of course far away from being a good Muslimah. Advices by parents stay for couple of minutes and then I became, not necessarily bad but stubborn, again. I simply lazy to go to any occasion which involves listening and understanding. Both of them, S and IM, who kept on invited me, softly. As I then became ashamed of myself if I said no and then enjoyed involved in such occasion, slowly loves to listen.

ohh, looks like both of them are nice but don’t let me start on how stubborn can they be. Lets just keep that as my, our, secret.

Okay lets just slip this one. All nice thing can be so bored isn’t. She’s, ermm how can say it nicely, she’s a woman with principle. Both of them actually. People with principle is sometimes hard to catch up with, you know. Oh mann, I too a woman with weird principal. They know it, obviously. Don’t treat me when I don’t have money. I don’t like it, but still that depends on my mood.

IM and I, we just clicked, you know. Even though, I know there were moments where she can’t stand me and I, secretly, can’t stand her but in any relationship, in order to make it works, you have to accept the unpleasant things and just swallow it. Unless it involves some murderous or crime or religious misconception, then yes, let it go, let it go..

I just want to say thank you for all you have done for me, woke me up every single days, advices me when I was out of sense, supports me, shares knowledge and thank you for just be there.

Thanks to dearest S, even though you are so lazy to text me an essay with bundles of words, but I still love you because that is just who you are and I respect that. hahahaha.

Picture says it all,



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