Ordered My Dream Shoe

As you can see from my super obvious and straight to the point title, I just ordered my dream shoe.


Happy me, Happy me.
Frankly speaking, we, women must have our dream shoe. Isn’t?

Agree? High 5!

So what kind of shoe did I just ordered? Any guesses? Is it heel with peep toe and ribbon? Is it flat shoe with flower? Is it pump shoe crazily hard to walk with? Is it a wedding heel with gorgeous laces patch?

Nope. Actually, I don’t quite sure what kind of shoe did I just ordered. Hahaha. For all I know I have been keeping the picture for months and I have been trying to have it since then.

All of this usual problem of financial constraint and prioritise things that need to be prioritise, I hold my dream to be just a dream. Sounds serious enough huh? It is just a shoe. Drama alert!

Alhamdulillah, Thank God, after deep thinking, discussion with my dad, looking at bank account, I said to myself, instead of this money be gone in my stomach (food consumption), I should really just buy something. *angel laugh*

Okay about my “discussion with my dad” above, it is true okay. I did ask him, is it okay for me to buy a shoe, pleaseeee, I want one. He said it is up to you.

In 3 to 4 days, I will receive my package and I hope it is into my like. Wait for the update!


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