Stressful Week

I need a place.
A place where I can let go of my anger at one of the biggest public transportation in Malaysia.

Oh My God, I hate them I hate them I hate them.
Recently, they have changed the normal routes for two busses,more actually but the only affected one are these two routes.
E.g, Bus A and Bus B.
Bus A should take people from Point A to Point C.
Bus B should take people from Point B to Point C.

People from Point A who most of them, majority, want to go to Point C are all now waiting at Point B. This increases the number of people at Point B. Obviously. As from 30 people are waiting, now has become 60 people, waiting for Bus B.
60 people in one bus!!
Bus A is now just take people from Point A to Point B.
For your information less people use that bus now, because at area Point B, there are not much of workplaces.


People are going to KL, lots of offices there.
That is a rough estimation of number of people because I do feel like 60. I don’t even have to hold anything because people’s body, mostly men, are quite close with mine and I can’t even move.

They say, by this new routes, less waiting bla bla bla.. I don’t care much about waiting. It is normal if you ride public transportation, traffic problem, it is normal. What I care is satisfaction. If the chairman of the company try and ride bus that we, I ride. You should know, why I hate them and I believe other passengers feel the same as I feel. You should try ride the normal route and new route. AT PEAK HOURS. You should.

At school, we have this activity call survey. We ask people about their opinion and then discuss whether is it okay to continue any replacement or implement new idea. But at their website they don’t even have feedback form. Which some management under customer satisfaction should manage.

I really hope and pray that this changes are just trial, to see if it’s fit or not. I hope I don’t have my sweet innocent body rub against men.


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