white skin, blue eyes

Beauty is subjective.

Yes, bright colour is eyes’ catching.
Yes, laces dress is gorgeous.
Yes, black dress is flirty.
Yes, expensive silhouette is bonus.
Yes, updated handbag style is cool.
Yes, trendy shirt is smart.
And many more.

All those things can make us, you, and me looks exceptionally gorgeous.

Yet do we really have to point out physical appearance, our body attribute, colour of our skin, eyes and hair?

My post is about a person who is looking for a model, a child model yet that particular person pointed out white skin and blue eyes as bonus. More like a request or preferable model attribute, I think.

I disagree with this person as he or she is being objective of nature of a person. Skin colour, eyes colour and stuff. He or she could be only prefer kids that are white and have blue eyes.

And that is not fair and not a good teaching for next generation, our children. For them to be teach being objective leads to bully. We don’t want that.

I know in business everythings have to look amazing, beautiful and nice but I also know that dark skies, fallen leaves, messy hair and tore jeans can be pretty too.


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