flawless skin

I am a Malaysian, a Muslim. My dad is a Malaysian Javanese and my mom is a Minang. So there is no way my skin was white. No way. I have a bit brown coloured skin with a little bit reddish on the chick and forehead (sometime). Even though I don’t have white skin color, I love myself and I just want to make sure my skin is okay with no acne or at least not much of acnes.

However, people in my country (I am not sure other country) is currently obsessed of being white, white and white. Everyone are prepared to spend hundreds of Ringgit to have white skin color.


I do not understand this. Yes, I did say to my friend, if you are chubby but white, people don’t care about how chubby you are because at the very least, you have a common and likeable skin color (as I say situation at my place) which is white.

I do wear several skin products, just to make sure my skin is healthy and clean from dust or bacteria from outside. But my focus was not to have white skin color. I am proud of my skin. I am amazed that most people who have dark skin color from other country look amazingly beautiful and they love themselves.

For example, Tyra Banks (I love her). As I also reckon some of my university mate who are from Nigeria, Ghana, they have amazingly beautiful skin. You must know that Barbie who has dark skin color right? Yes for me, they are like that. Beautiful in their own way.

The most important thing is skin care. If you know how to cherish your skin, even if your skin are like mine, not that white, you can still look amazing. You also need to stop buying foundation that is not your skin color. As I always saw, some people who are obsessed being white, they tend to use foundation or powder that is not their color. It looks weird. I am not pretty myself but believe me, who else going to appreciate yourself just as yourself if its not you, yourself. Get it?

One thing that afraid me is when this obsession of being white is taken over the media, newspaper, telly and internet, kids who are still learning will learn the wrong thing. My sister, has being bullied by her friend about her skin color and what else could be happening in the future if everyone only sees beauty is equal to white skin.

Believe in yourself, trust yourself and bring out your confident by appreciating yourself.


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