stay please

i have been busy and tired. finally, real working-life experience. usually i get bored with nothing to do on my work station.

but yeah, i have been busy. went to several floors frequently, involved in user testing, prepared documentation, updated master report. as my days were so packed with things, at home i just wanted to lay on my bed, watched Sherlock or read Harry Potter.

yes, finally i have the entire collection of Harry Potter books. e-books to be exact. for Potterhead out there, i am so sorry if my act owning e-books of Harry Potter is a shame but i got it somehow after several Googling activities, and so far the web page does not look illegal. so i thought, it is fine. do not worry that i will not advertise e-books that i have as it will always be my personal collection. sorry again.

i have lots of fun time mesmerising the very first emotion i had when i first read Harry Potter. i finished the first book just in one day and now i am on the second book. laughed and smiled all day whenever i encountered Ron’s dialogue.

so i am planning to write my review about the first book of Harry Potter, old issue right but it could be interesting for generation z. wish me luck on that.

potterhead forever!


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