dad laughed at my sudden statement

“hey, i’m going to Japan next year.” I read my cousin’s text repeatedly. she just went to China and South Korea, and now she told me she will be visiting Japan.

minutes later, there was me, wailed to my mom why am I still here? why can’t i go to South Korea. i can speak hangul, a bit. i have learn their food,  tradition and basic sentence such as where can i find a toilet. i know where to go, i already have a list of places there but why can’t i be there?

i wailed to my dad, cried with no tears mentioned about the same hot issue of tonight to him. dad, simple man, he said, “stop crying, you are 24 years old and you cry like a child”. okay this is where he laughed when i answered, “why can’t cry and be sad and manja ( coquettish behavior by women designed to elicit sympathy or pampering by men). I thought men love woman like me, manja and all that.” he laughed. but my manja does sound a liiiiitle bit annoying after some times.

so why can’t i be there? because Allah does not yet gives His permission to me. simple answer to a simple question. therefore, as a good Muslim (trying to be one, and still learning), i must accept this as my predestined. one day in the future, perhaps. or maybe He wants to send me to His places; Mecca and Medina before others. who knows right?

the reason why my dad laughed is unknown. whether my statement is correct or cute or wrong, i don’t know. all in all, i am in the middle of setting my mind into peace. bye all.


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