the internet

here i am been busy doing nothing. not really nothing but yeah basically nothing. just nothing. okay too much ‘nothing’ has been used is one of the symptom of sarcasm.

days ago, my data plan is expired, damn it! and my life has never been dull before. internet age has change our life. we become more and more stupid, and genius too (we can not ignore how google has been very helpful in our study right). what i meant was, we become more stupid on how to live alone in reality. we become empty and talk in the lift alone because we have no internet connection (not me, of course).

my "whatever bothers me" note

so in order to prevent any who to be talking in the elevator alone because she or HE does not has internet connection are

1. write whatever bothers you in your notebook. just be sure you write it in different language so that your colleagues wouldn’t know.
2. play minesweeper. trust me, it is fun.
3. as for me, i copy any sql code from laptop to my notebook (to cover myself from the second one)
4. just go to the toilet, let go of anything that need to be let go.

that is all. have fun doing nothing.

p/s, my sv is super busy that she didn’t give me anything. 😑


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