the pants

first week, “women are not allowed to wear pants or trousers to work”. then, i saw, uuu, she was wearing skirt, mini skirt and it opened at the back.

second week, this one here, was wearing pant and shirt to work.

then i thought, huh, this is jealousy that does not allow me wear pant. so today, i put on my pant and go to work, feeling corporate.

as i entered my department, “are you on leave?” I answered, “no”. then she said, “ohh intern can not wear pants and usually just vendor staff can wear pants.”
there i got really nervous and mad. i was like come on, just because i am an intern, i can not wear pants. where is maturity in this?

why men can wear formal attire as what west would wear? why malay men did not wear baju melayu to office. show off some patriotism there. why?

look at multiracial company, they are doing fine allowing workers to wear pants. for me, i know my religion limit, of course i won’t wear tight and skinny one.

i just can’t accept this rule, disallowing people to wear pants.  i wanna feel corporate some time, not like attending raya all week, wearing kurung.


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