the English

oh my God, my heart falls, my pupil grow big, round and i can’t say anything. the only thing i can do is smile pleasantly.


hahaha. funny huh, nope? you love it too? great, no, brilliant. whenever i hear an english man or woman (usually man) talks, i feel somehow my problems are gone, my mission and vision is achieved and i feel happy. that happen when i saw them talk in television. what happen if i met and saw them talking in front of me?

1. i could probably just smiling
2. i could be sweating and shaking
3. i could be asking them to repeat because some words are just so amazing to hear but hard to understand.
4. just ignore number 4 and smile, and nod as if i understand every words.

i learn the existence of english accent from harry potter, of course. then i started to imitate and i sound funny. even my roomate who came back from london laughed at me. by the way i love imitate Rupert Grint or Ronald Weasley in harry potter. he sounds so british.

so, who else love to hear english accent?


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