Sherlock Holmes

oh my God, oh my God, oh my God.

I would like to thank sister F for your kind gesture, introduced me with this brilliant guy, Sherlock Holmes. Everyone knows about Sherlock. WHAT? You didn’t know? Who are you? Which planet?

i know about Sherlock Holmes before, the movies. Robert Downey as Sherlock and Jude Law as Dr. Watson. I love them, so much. the storyline, the movie, the actors and all about it. but then, i didn’t know there is Sherlock The Series. Benedict Cumberbatch as Sherlock, that was brilliant already plus one hour just for an episode, just bloody brilliant.

i know about benedict because i love tom hiddleston so much. got me? ohh, i miss tom. yet to watch crimson peak.

benedict, his jaw line is, you have to see him, i can’t say anything about it. martin freeman is funny and the way he portrays his character, being all love and mad with Sherlock. season 3, first episode, when sherlock came back and suprised Dr. Watson, it was funny and cute. dr.watson got mad and all.

talk about the storyline for all episodes, it were all amazing. i love all of it even though i have to watch more than one time (which i never feel burden about it) if i didn’t understand. the set, the costume, the high collar, the chair, everything is amazing.

one place added in my wish list now. Baker Street and Sherlock Museum. please, i want to be there. as of now, i can’t wait for new season, when will it be? anyone?

even though it looks like moriarty will come back, i am rather glad. best and handsome villain like that.huh. sherlock will be busy next season, i guess.

oh Sherlock (read it as Mrs. Hudson would say) till next season, i am waiting.


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