the wedding

hey hey heyyy. no, it is not me getting married, no one is getting married. psss, i am available, still.

As for Muslim Malaysian, in order for us to get married, we have to take pre-marriage course. In here, we will learn about marriage, not just being lovey dovey (we all know that better) to your partner but management, problem solving, right hold by husband and wife, and many more.

today, my friends and i attend pre-marriage course. (MOM!! I can get married after this, find me someone.) ohh yes, i have no problem with traditional way of getting married. i do not know how to find, to star and where. it is a two day course, 8:00 a.m until 5:00 p.m. for non-Muslim, you may think this is probably waste of time and unnecessary. i can not change your what you believe but hopefully i can make you understand the importance in it.

we know how to date, how to love someone, how to express your love but that does not mean you know how to manage. in this class, we learn all those theoretically and based on Islam compliance. what should and should not do in marriage. being in love is great and getting married is happiness but it comes with bigger responsibility. to have a basic understanding and strong foundation of marriage management is vital.

apart from that, this course is amazingly fun and interesting. you get to hear stories of experience, tips and tricks to use in marriage. malaysians have to take this course and receives the certificate.

some important aspects to have a happy marriage are be understanding, give and take and always reminded yourself of your spouse’s good value whenever you have problems.


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