the bus ride

bus has been my main transportation to go to work and transit (ayah will pick me up here). there are so many things happen in the bus. funny, awkward, paranoid, everything and anything can happen.

so far it has been two weeks, i ride bus and it has been very interesting looking and observing others.

the cold one
the person who does not want to move at all. i hate this one. can you imagine being in the middle where people want to come in but the one next to you does not even want to budge at all. she just stand there and make this who-are-you-this-is-my-place face. she may not reading this but for one who does read, please be considerate. not just in bus, in anything you do. yes, we might be stranger but small gestures can change so much.

the safer zone (probably)
haha. basically, this is just my opinion. based on what i have go through for the past two weeks, i have a zone where i feel a little bit comfortable or safer. and yes, i can get quite paranoid in a bus. i think everyone want to at least touch my shoulder. this is the case where women can not be seen anywhere near me. i prefer to stand (i stand a lot) near either young Chinese guy, young Arab guy or young Indian guy who wears smart collar shirt or bring any laptop bag. why you ask me? thank you for asking. i do not know the exact reason but yeah i feel a bit safer there.

the road
i’d say it is really fun. yes, i am tired of standing up all the time and with sleepy eyes every morning and evening but the road is fun. i always love Ampang Road. i do not know why but by looking at those high and expensive residents area makes me feel so motivated to work harder. have you seen brunsfield embassyview?? to live there is probably just in my dream unless i can get salary more than 10000 per month. it is so beautiful, i love the mirrors, the building itslef is just so so amazing. i love houses and this road can be really interesting to me.

so there my bus ride story. it can be very smelly and all but that is the beauty of being grown up where you always want to do better and better for future.


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