kl haze


two days ago was so bright, i can clearly see golf park around this area. i can even see the golfer can not play properly and lost his ball. seriously, i am not joking.

but today, i see nothing, not even golf cart moving around the area. it is bad around here today. i had my lunch in the office today and my friend said she smelled smoke all over places.

malaysian, please take extra precaution, not just today but until responsible parties say it is okay to open your mouth and breathe the air freely.

>No outdoor activity should be done
>Do not burn your trash (annoyed me so
  so much)
>Wear mask if you really need to be
>Drink lots and lots of plain water
>Wash you face (unnecessary but do it
if you love your skin)

God save us all. InshaaAllah.


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